It is widely known that website is an online technique of reaching a large number of people globally, thus, drawing their attention to the products or services you are offering or you have to offer. A Website allows you to meet your customers online first before getting to meet them one on one or over the phone.

However, having a website is not just a hallmark to boosting your business activities online. There is a difference between having a website and a strong website. It’s one thing to have a website and another to have an appealing design that will help to promote such website. The question is, do you just have just a website or a website with unique technicalities and visual appearance?

The first impression of your website last longer, that is why it is important to build a website that will have customer-centric features that get the attention of visitors and converts them into an ideal customer. One way to build a strong website lies in website design and development.

Web design is a crucial ingredient of an effective website that needs a great level of attention. A good web design converts your website to an attention driven platforms where a visitor’s entrance into it will result in an automatic retainment of such visitor.

A visitor starts getting a strong grip of a website from its home page which is usually the heart of a website. A home page usually has clean, attractive, clear, concise and relevant information that can compel a visitor to keep exploring a website. It should, however, be known that the home page should not carry all information on the site, neither should it be left blank or lacking some key and core information.

Another aspect of the web design is the navigation menu. The navigation menu should be made visible as possible to users as it will not speak well if first-time users have to search really hard before locating and clicking a menu.

It is also important to take cognizance of a responsive web design rather than a non-responsive to enable users, have access to the website on any kind of device asides a computer system, for instance, a mobile device.

The background color, text style as well as images of a design should also be considered in web design. Picking a less conflicting and great color that will keep the website cool and attractive Is important. Likewise, text styles that will enable easy reading, as well as fitting images that suits a site are also important.